Working with forward-thinking companies is exactly what we do! Not only is it exciting to be part of their culture, but, it's also even more impressive watching their teams grow and evolve beyond anything I've seen post-military.

In the Royal Marines, we were set a task, a mission or an objective. Sure we had a rank structure that instructed the 'team' (troop or company), however, everyone played their part to get us to the finish line. It wasn't because we were paid to do it (come on, have you seen those salaries), or because we love the Corps (sure we do though), it was because we all had a bond that's created through a 'work' environment of hard work, team cohesion and fun. This was achieved through many means but one big one was exercise.

When we work with companies that actively seek us out as a provider for out of work activities like fitness, outdoor pursuits or lifestyle coaching, this team cohesion grows well after the fitness class or activity; it becomes a part of them.

Being proud of where you work is a huge factor in the retention of employees. It used to be the case of bonuses, a fancy building and a night down the pub would do the trick when telling your friends where you worked. But anyone can do that, it's the ones thinking outside the box that create this environment and retain the real talent.

And not to mention the amazing physical and psychological health benefits of being active, at the simplest level, does for your team's wellbeing and productivity.

Get in touch if you'd like to know more how we can help you and your team through fitness, lifestyle coaching or adventure such as orienteering trips to the mountains and three peaks challenges.