It's there, plain as day! So, what's your plan to use this information?

This article discusses research conducted by both Yale and Oxford universities regarding the link between exercise and mental health. It reinforces exactly what we have been doing at Be Fearsome since day one and explains how non-active individuals were 50% worse off.

50%, that's huge! We all have off days, stress, issues in life. It's sad but it's a fact of life. But what if you could reduce that number of days by a 3rd? Think how much better the individual feels and also performs in their roles.

One thing this article starts off with is a bold statement of "It's clear exercise has health benefits both physical and mental". Well, sure we know that, but does the general population and employers know it? Or more importantly, do they take note?

We've just launched a 'Spring into Action' initiative where our aim is to get more people active outside now the weather is getting better. We find that if people engage now and stick through summer, by winter they don't want to let it go so they stick with outside exercise. With projects around Group Exercise, Corporate Teambuilding and Adventure, we have lots of forward-thinking companies we're working with in order to help them put this research, and lots more like it, into good practice.

The research also states "sports that involve socialising can have more of a positive effect on your mental health than others". You could take your team out for a round of drinks and easily spend way over £100. Or you could bring them for a workout or take them for some teambuilding activities and spend a similar amount yet increase performance, not to mention loyalty. It's a no brainer!

If you'd like to know more regarding how these kinds of activities can help you individually or your teams, then please get in touch. We are more than willing to give some suggestions and point you in the right direction to make some changes, be it with Be Fearsome or not, we want to get as many people active outside as we can this spring.