An excellent post by David Kirk from Passle on how we should actually be treating our mind and body after an important or stressful event (physically or mentally). Athletes treat their bodies like a machine before, during and after an event. Prepare well, maintain peak performance then rest, recover and evaluate. So why shouldn't we do the same after a stressful work event? 

In addition to David's comments, I always get my athletes to plan their race and then review it. How well prepared were you? Did you execute as planned? What went well? What went wrong? And most importantly, what did you learn for next time?

Yesterday I spent the day with Passle doing our monthly Lifestyle Coaching. This is where we talk all things fitness, nutrition, goals and mental health (to name a few) as a group and then break off for some one-on-one discussion and in-depth personal time. We do this to help the Passle team develop as individuals and as a team. When a general well-being state is achieved or even worked towards, the knock-on effect in the workplace is significant. David and I had a great discussion regarding the right mindset to get into while training for his 10k races. The outcome was simple; think like an athlete, behave like an athlete and thus be an athlete. That's truly half the battle with sports. And it's the same with the workplace; think like an expert, behave like an expert and you really are the expert...

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