Hugely talked about article in the news this week regarding claims that obesity is a more likely cause of four types of cancer has sparked more debate among health and fitness professionals on how obesity should be treated.

One of the main criticisms of a recent obesity campaign where they put warnings out similar to that of tobacco products was 'fat shaming'. It depends who I talk to for the response on this, however, generally any 'professional' I've discussed this with has a similar opinion; we need to re-educate and change people habits. Health food isn't expensive, hard to get or hard to prepare. But, people need to be shown another way, otherwise, they are stuck in a rut? Who's fault is obesity? It's a society issue we all need to work on. I will add that there are cases where hormones and other medical conditions are at fault and these cases need to be treated in an appropriate way when diagnosed by a doctor, so it's not black and white.

This article brings it to the public eye again, however, much more reading and research can be completed if you need more clarification. My thoughts on this are simple; we all need to do our bit to change the way we think about and perceive food, just like we have with smoking. And this can start in the workplace.