It's right here in black and white; running cut's early death by a quarter!

And what's more, it's only for 50 minutes per week! That's 50 out of 10,080 minutes or in other words, less than 0.5% of your time is set to give you a 25% longer lifespan. How on earth can you ignore that?!

Now, it can be very daunting to some, the idea of 50 minutes running in one go. However, for these reported health benefits, the key point is 'no matter how fast or far'. You don't have to start running 10k's, 5k's or even 2k's. Just get out there in some form. 

Here are some tips to get started:

1. Start small - Head out for a walk, say 15 minutes, and then jry a short jog from one lampost to another a couple of times. Next time add on another time or try doing two lamposts at once. Before you know it 'bingo! you're a runner!'.

2. Get some trainers that fit - This doesn't need to be expensive. Actually running is one of the cheapest sports, you literally just need some trainers. You don't need the new Nike Zoom's that set the marathon record, just ones that fit and suit your feet. This will pay dividends in the future as it will help to protect your feet and joints.

3. Get a buddy - find someone else to meet and make a commitment with so you are accountable to each other

4. Set some SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realised, time orientated) and keep it simple - try this for example: 'I'm going to meet Dave for three walk/run sessions per week each lasting 10 minutes for the next month'. Done.

The research is there, 14 studies of over 230,000 people. So why not just make a start, 5 minutes twice per week, for example. That's 1/5 of the amount recommended in this study but think of it as around 5% of extra lifespan right there!

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