It's never been easier to fit exercise into your daily routine*. Your lounge, patio or local greenspace (within government guidelines) is your gym space. Your phone, tablet or laptop is your trainer. Your shower and commute back to work are just a few metres away. 

This article (link in post) in the BBC back in January could never have been more on point than right now.

A 45-minute workout at lunch, mid-afternoon or before/after work, with time to spare either side for preparation and showering, will impact your day in so many ways. You'll hit your personal physical goals, feel mentally refreshed and according to research be more productive in your working day. What's not to love?

Another key benefit is the human interaction with others. Sure, it's via video conferencing like every other meeting at work. However, it's a completely different dynamic and environment where you can switch off and just follow the instructors lead for the session. Whilst getting that interaction through LIVE two-way video. This allows for feedback and accountability - just like in a regular workout class. 

Sure, we would all love to be back in the park or gym doing a group class. But, that's just not the reality right now. Also, this is much more accessible to be with others all over the country. 

Be it taking part in our fitness community at Be Fearsome through our public group classes or a private group session for your team or company. It's a fantastic way to interact. 

As a manager or business owner, what are you doing right now for 'entertaining' your teams and clients? You can't take them for a drink or out for a nice meal right now... With group LIVE fitness classes, you can invest in their wellbeing and your relationships, whilst keeping people physically and mentally healthy AND increasing productivity. All for the cost of a round of drinks. It's a win-win.

*caveat - home lives can be crazy and with homeschooling, it can definitely be harder to get the time away now. We've spoken to many parents who have found solutions and are always willing to share others ideas; who knows, just one might work for you...